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  • CHI_Logo.gifPenrose-St. Francis Health Services is sponsored by Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), one of the largest non-profit health care systems in the United States. Based in Denver, CHI was founded in 1995, by twelve congregations of women religious, including the Sisters of St. Francis of Colorado Springs. It is the first Catholic health system to give both religious and lay people a shared model of sponsorship in its facilities.

    CHI's core values define the organization and serve as its guiding principles. They are the roots or anchors from which all activities, decisions and behaviors follow. Those core values are: reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence.

    By the numbers, the system operates 68 hospitals, 44, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities and residential units, six community-based health organizations in 19 states. They system has approximately 65,000 full and part time employees. Catholic Health Initiatives strives to use advanced information management strategies combined with compassion and spirituality to achieve new standards of quality in patient care.

    Visit the Catholic Health Initiatives website.

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