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  • NODA SeminarIn addition to the vigils with dying patients, NODA has three scheduled Gatherings per year with all NODA volunteers. Below are some of the topics offered the past several years.

    Topic list for NODA Gatherings

    • June 2011 - Confidentiality – Presented by Jennifer Gomez (Penrose St. Francis Corporate Responsibility and Privacy Officer).
    • July 2012 - A unique experience as a volunteer with the Marian House of Catholic Charities - Presented by Jerry Doebele
    • October 2012 - Doug Flynn - Catholic policy on Catholic Healthcare which addressed the care for the dying. He listed that the three important sacraments to a Catholic that is sick & dying in order of importance: Eucharist, Confession, and Anointing of the Sick.  Jeremy Silva & Officer Dan McCormick discussed the local homeless situation and their needs along with the services that are available to them locally. 
    • March 2013 - Highlights of the Jehovah Witness Religious Beliefs regarding Medical Alternatives to Blood Transfusions and End of Life issues - Presented by Israel Watkins and his partners from the Jehovah Witness Hospital Liaison Committee Network of Colorado Springs.
    • July 2013 - “Understanding End of Life Needs for Military Veterans” - Presented by Katie Lammi, Palliative Care APN & Heather Kennedy, Palliative Care Social Worker 
    • October 2013 - Tear Soup video and discussion
    • April 2014 - The Remystification of Life: Distinguishing Visions from Hallucinations - Presented by Reverend Steve Alsum
    • July 2014 - Panel Discussion on Vigil Experiences while with NODA Patients 
    • November 2014 - The Buddhist View on Death and Dying - Presented by Sensei Andrew Palmer, a Buddhist leader of the Zen tradition from the United States Air Force Academy
    • April 2015 – Group discussion on sitting vigil (a sacred place, volunteer preparation, do’s and don’ts, self-care.
    • July 2015 – The Catholic View on Death and Dying – Presented by Fr. Don Dilg
    • March 2016 – “Jewish Beliefs at the End of Life” Presented by Rabbi Mel Glaser—Rabbi at Temple Shalom, Colorado Springs, CO, author, and grief therapist.
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