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  • LabyrinthThe Donna and Jerral Bertram Meditation Garden and Labyrinth

    Follow the path to inner peace.

    Labyrinths have occurred in many different cultures and at different points in history, as far back as 3,000 years ago. The Chartres pattern used in the Donna and Jerral Bertram Labyrinth is a seven-circuit design based on the labyrinth in France’s Cathedral of Notre Dame de Chartres, and dates back to the Middle Ages when labyrinths were used by the church as a tool of pilgrimage and symbol of Christian faith.

    Walking the labyrinth addresses the needs of the body, mind and spirit, by relaxing the body, encouraging the mind to release anxious thoughts and supporting the inner journey to health and well-being. 

    Where labyrinths ultimately lead is up to those who walk them. Unlike mazes, the labyrinth holds no wrong turns or dead ends; it is a single path which winds inward to the center and back out again. For many, the labyrinth is a spiritual tool. Frequently people experience feelings of profound peace, relaxation, empowerment and wholeness as they move along the path.

    There are three stages to walking the labyrinth:

    Focus: Pause at the entrance. Become quiet and centered. Breathe slowly. Open your heart and mind to the journey ahead of you.

    Experience: Walk purposefully. Observe your process. The center is a place of illumination, meditation and prayer. Open yourself to receive what is there for you.

    Reflect: As you walk the path back out, take the silence, peace and insights received in reaching the center and integrate them into your whole being.

    Depending on your pace, you may wish to pass or be passed by others. Those going in will meet those coming out. Trust in the process. 

    Location: The labyrinth is located at Penrose Hospital, 2222 N. Nevada Ave. It is on the west side of the hospital campus, across from Corpus Christi Catholic Church on Cascade Ave. If you are at the corner of Cascade and Jackson Street, it is next to the small park at this corner.     

    A healing gift.

    The Donna and Jerral Bertram Meditation Garden and Labyrinth are a gift from donors of the Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation to patients and their families and friends, hospital staff and community members. Penrose-St. Francis offers this healing tool as part of our effort to support the physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being in our community. For more information, contact the Spiritual Care Department at 719-776-5660.

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