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    Penrose-St. Francis Health Services is certified as an Advanced Primary Stroke Center by The Joint Commission 

    A coordinated, multi-disciplinary, rapid-response system of care for the treatment of stroke is the fundamental element of Penrose-St. Francis's stroke program. Time is of the essence when treating stroke; at Penrose-St. Francis, the award winning care you receive in the first few hours after suffering a stroke can save your life and reduce the lasting effects. When a possible stroke patient is in route to our hospital, our emergency team receives a "stroke alert," which allows us to be prepared to immediately stabilize and consult on each patient who presents with signs of stroke. Every stroke patient who comes through our doors receives comprehensive and exceptional treatment from every member of our team including our Flight for Life Colorado® and ground transfer partners, neurological specialists and rehabilitation experts.

    Our stroke team is a proud participant in the American Stroke Association's "Get with the Guidelines" treatment protocols; a 2010 study found that stroke patients taken to hospitals that follow these guidelines have a better chance of survival than patients at other hospitals.

    When suffering a stroke, it is vital to receive appropriate medical care in the first three hours of the onset of symptoms. This care can save your life. But less than one in every 20 stroke victims seeks appropriate medical treatment in time.

    Do not take chances; call 911 immediately if you or someone you are with is experiencing any symptoms. The care 911 EMS professionals can provide in the first moments of a stroke is crucial.

    F.A.S.T. is an acronym developed by the National Stroke Association to help people remember and recognize the signs of a stroke. It stands for:

    • Face - Does one side of the face droop? Is the smile crooked?
    • Arms - Does one arm drift downward? Is one arm weak or numb?
    • Speech - Is speech slurred? Is the sentence repeated correctly?
    • Time - If the person shows any of these symptoms, call 911 immediately! 
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