• After the Exam

  • After the procedure, you will be taken to recovery where you will gradually wake up. If you have had a colonoscopy, you may feel cramps and you will feel gassy or bloated. You will feel better when you pass this gas. You will be given water or juices when you are awake.

    Recovery time is a minimum of 30 minutes (one hour for ERCP patients). A registered nurse will monitor you while you wake up. A family member or friend may be with you while in recovery. The endoscopist will review the findings with you, and if you have given permission, your family member or friend. The recovery RN will discuss the discharge instructions and results of the procedure. You may also be given information specific to the physician's recommendations.

    Due to the short-term amnesic effect of the sedation used, we recommend that you not be left alone after discharge. Also, for the 8 hours following the exam, the patient may not drive, drink alcohol, take tranquilizers or sleeping pills. If you have sleep apnea, wear the CPAP machine for four hours after arriving home.

    We recommend your first meal to be small and not greasy or spicy.

    Patients who have had an ERCP must be on a clear liquid diet for five hours after discharge (Clear liquid diet consists of water, broth, plain jello, Popsicles, clear juices). Do not eat fatty or spicy foods for the rest of the day.

    Our GI lab staff strives to make your endoscopy experience a positive one. We try to call you within several days after your examination to see how you are doing.  If your records indicate, we may leave a message on your voice mail if we cannot reach you in person.

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