• Laboratory & Pathology Services

  • Penrose-St. Francis Laboratory and other community laboratories throughout this area face new challenges in providing laboratory and pathology results of the highest quality. Our laboratory professionals seek new ways to provide reliable, accurate, and cost-effective services to our clinicians. The value of community-based laboratories to the communities they serve is increasingly appreciated.

    Laboratories play a key role in providing the objective information to enhance medical quality and reduce overall costs. We at Penrose-St. Francis Laboratory are dedicated to providing laboratory services in our community and the region that meet the needs of patients, clinicians, and hospitals.

    Client Services

    Phone: 719-776-5103
    Toll-free: 866-224-3030

    Our Primary Reference Lab

    Penrose-St. Francis Laboratory utilizes Pathology Associates Medical Lab (PAML) for its esoteric testing needs. PAML physicians and pathologists along with extensive outreach support services offer expert consultation services to Penrose-St. Francis Laboratory.

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