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  • bloomKids is a quarterly, printed and online parenting newsletter from CHPG Pediatrics NorthCare. bloomKids provides parents with reliable, tot-to-teen health information from Colorado Springs pediatricians and other local medical and nutritional experts.

    Bloom Kids Summer 2017

    Read the Summer 2017 issue of bloomKids.

  • Baby Eating Food

    Solid Ground

    Introducing Food to Baby

  • Overweight Child

    Pounds of Prevention

    Summer Weight Gain

  • Girl Drinking Juice

    Juice & Soda in Kids

    Should be given on a very limited basis.

  • Car Seat Safety 2

    Car Seat Safety

    FREE Class

  • Comfort positioning

    Be a Pro

    Comfort position like a pro

  • Pediatric Emergencies

    Pediatric Emergencies

    SFMC Pediatric ER

  • Pediatrician Videos


    Ask the Pediatrician Videos

  • Contact Heart & Vascular Center


    Contact CHPG Pediatrics NorthCare

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