• Amenities

  • Sleep Center at Penrose-St. Francis in Colorado Springs
    At the Penrose-St. Francis Sleep Disorders Center, we've created an atmosphere to help you get a good night's rest. Our amenities include:

    • Six, private sleeping rooms. Two rooms can accommodate children ages four years and older plus a parent
    • Quiet, safe environment to allow for a peaceful sleep
    • A home-like atmosphere with a queen size bed, 500 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets and comforter, dresser drawers, flat screen TV, private bathroom/full-sized shower
    • Option to bring an item such as a pillow or blanket to make your stay more like your own bed
    • Breakfast snack with juice and/or bottled water
    • Late sleeping accommodations for those who typically fall asleep after midnight
    • Free Wi-Fi access for laptops
    • Toiletry items available if you forget to bring something from home
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