• Joint Treatments

  • Severe joint conditions may require surgical treatments. Our orthopedic care teams are lead by orthopedic surgical experts, all of whom are either board certitifed or board eligible. The most common surgical joint procedures are:

    Typically, conservative treatment is tried before a surgeon would recommend a total hip or knee replacement surgery (arthroplasty). Here are some of treatments surgeons currently suggest:

    • Wellness programs including changing work habits, positions, weight loss, and education on activities of daily living.
    • Physical therapy for strengthening and treatment to decrease pain and improve function of concerned joint. Sometimes aquatic therapy will also help to improve strength while not irritating the joint with total body weight.

    • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories: There are many kinds of anti-inflammatories to try. Talk with your doctor first before attempting this route. Some of these medications may cause irritation to your stomach, may interact with other medications you are on, or will not be right for you because of other medical conditions.

    • Injection into painful joint; this may be with or without a local anesthetic and corticosteroid to decrease inflammation in the joint. Another type of injection is called viscosupplementation. The injection is a preparation of hyaluronic acid and it is usually given in a series to help when all other conservative treatments have failed. It is used to help lubricate and pad the joint.

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