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woman and heart

Taking care of your heart has never been more fun (or delicious!). Join us for a healthy serving of heart-healthy food, tips, activities and even humor at our Pamper Your Heart free community event.

• Learn how to please your taste buds and your heart as St. Francis Medical Center dietician, Cindy Draving, RD, dishes up a heart-healthy breakfast and talks about great-tasting foods and menus that are good for you, too.

• Laugh as you learn as author Karen Linamen treats us to welcome news with her humorous talk entitled “Surprise! Seven Things You Already Love that Are Good for Your Heart.”

• Pamper your ticker by visiting an array of booths for complimentary information, a chair massage and even a mini-yoga session!

Each February, we pamper our favorite people with heart-shaped cards and candy. This year, show your heart how much you care by inviting a few of your favorite people to join you in attending this lively community event. 

Registration is required due to limited space. Please complete an online registration form below for each person that will be attending.

When: Saturday, Feb 16, 8:30 am - noon
Location: St. Francis Medical Center, 6001 E. Woodmen Rd.


Karen Linamen

Karen Linamen is the author of sixteen books on strategies for living well, and a frequent speaker at church, corporate and community events. Her book titles include The Chocolate Diaries and A Waist is a Terrible Thing to Mind, and her topics include how to improve the quality of your emotions, relationships, dreams, health and even your brain! You can visit Karen at, or connect with her at And if you'd like Karen to speak to a group you're involved in, while you're on her website, request a free event planning packet for yourself or have one mailed to someone you know.

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