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The first few weeks after the birth of a baby can be a wonderful, difficult, happy, lonely, exhausting and fulfilling time for new mothers. Join us and meet other women with new babies. Learn from each other, share joys and concerns and feel the support a group like this can offer. Jeanne Moore, The Birth Center social worker and mother of two, is the facilitator of the group. Topics will include emotional and physical recovery from pregnancy and birth, adjustment to motherhood (what’s your mothering style?), discovering your baby and much more depending on the interests of the group. Very informal—dress comfortably and bring the baby for a morning out. Call 571-3101 to register and get room assignment. Cost: Free Location: St. Francis Medical Center Dates of Classes: 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. first four Tuesdays of each month except December (four-week sessions)

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