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Donor Story: Lifesavers

"Beth" works in the Transportation Department at Penrose-St. Francis Hospital. Her friendly demeanor and bubbly personality is evident in all areas of her life, including her service as a blood donor. Beth's history with our blood bank began in July, 2000 when she responded to a sign posted in the hospital lobby asking for blood donors. Being the adventurous girl that she is, "Beth" decided to give donating a try and has been donating ever since.

For Beth, the best part about donating blood is the gratification she experiences. "It is very gratifying knowing that I am helping save lives," says Beth. One pint of blood can save up to three lives.

Beth often tells others about the importance of blood donations. She says, "I encourage everyone in my department at work to donate and being able to go right here at this hospital makes donating very easy." Beth's manager is also a blood donor. He not only encourages blood donations but also makes donating convenient for his staff and coworkers. Beth's donating history has been a satisfying one and she has enjoyed watching the pints add up.


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