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James Humphrey

Jim HumphreyJames Humphrey
Vice President of Talent Resources and Human Resources for South State Hospital Group

Jim is responsible for providing strategic leadership in the Group’s talent management initiatives, including talent acquisition, management, development, and engagement.  He is also responsible for the Group’s operational HR functions of employment, compensation, employee relations, and leadership development to ensure the organization remains compliant with laws and regulatory agencies.  Jim provides strategic counsel on the administration of policies and programs related to HR services, and manages the Group’s HR departments for quality and efficiency. 

Jim began his career with Centura in 1986 at Penrose-St. Francis Health Services and has worked in the HR arena since 1992, serving in a variety of roles including recruitment, compensation, and Employee Relations.  He also served as the Vice President of HR for Penrose-St. Francis until 2007.  Prior to assuming his Group role, Jim served as Vice President of Compensation for Centura Health where his responsibilities included oversight of compensation programs throughout the system, executive compensation, pay practice standardization initiatives, all incentive and at-risk programs, and oversight of external clinical and non-clinical agency contracting.  Jim has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and is a member of both the Society of Human Resource Management and World At Work (Society of Compensation Professionals).

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