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Links to Healthcare Sites

Internet Links
The following are some health care related web sites that the staff of Webb Memorial Library have found to be useful and reliable. The library and Penrose-St. Francis Health Services can not guarantee the accuracy of the information.

As is the case with any sort of information, each resource should be evaluated carefully in terms of authorship, supporting evidence, context and comparison to existing knowledge, and currency. It is always a good idea to discuss any health-related information with your health care professional before taking any new action.

Consumer Health
From the Consumer and Patient Health Information Section of the Medical Library Association

PubMed (Medline: Webb Library collection)
Free access to citations and abstracts of articles in the medical literature from the mid-1960's to the present. Maintained by the National Library of Medicine.

Select "Consumer Health" from the left side of the PubMed home page to link to the many full text articles and links available through the NLM's MEDLINEplus-->

Centers for Disease Control
Statistics and current, full text information about current health topics.

National Institutes of Health
Links to individual institutes, Cancernet, Clinical Alerts, AIDS information, current news, grants and funding opportunities, publications, and fact sheets about a variety of health issues.

A place to check unusual or surprising health claims against scientific evaluations of their validity.

Urban Legends
A resource for checking the validity of stories from a friend of a friend, forwarded e-mails, "free" offers, and other things of the too-good-to-be-true variety.

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