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Fran Jackson

Fran Jackson, RN, CBN
Bariatric Program Coordinator
Since 2005, Fran Jackson has been the bariatric program coordinator for Penrose-St. Francis Health Services.  Fran screens patients for bariatric surgery, conducts patient seminars and assists with support groups for both gastric bypass and Lapband surgery patients.  Fran was born in Sydney, Australia and has worked at hospitals in England, Washington, North Dakota and Colorado.  She began her career with Penrose-St. Francis in 1992 as an operating room registered nurse and became a certified bariatric nurse in 2007.

Bariatric Nurses
The bariatric nurses at the Penrose-St. Francis Weight Loss Surgery Institute are registered nurses with advanced training and certification in bariatric surgery. They provide coordination of care, education and personal support throughout the weight loss surgical process. They serve as a resource for information regarding the surgical procedure.

Bariatric Dieticians & Behavioral Therapists
Collaborating with a multidisciplinary team, the bariatric dietitians at the Penrose-St. Francis Weight Loss Surgery Institute focus on disease prevention and health promotion and provide the framework of comprehensive nutrition support. They are specially trained in nutrition management following bariatric surgery. Each patient meets with a dietitian before and after surgery to receive a tailored nutrition plan, intense education, and behavioral support to ensure long-term positive outcomes. Our behavioral therapists conduct a psycho-social evaluation and address psychological issues.  Exercise physiologists design a unique post-operative exercise program and monitor each patient throughout the exercise program.


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