• Frequently Asked Questions

  • What procedures do we perform?

    The GI Lab at Penrose Hospital is a comprehensive GI lab and perform most all procedures associated with digestive disease diagnosis.

    • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy - look in lower 1/3 of colon
    • Colonoscopy - look in the colon or large intestine
    • EGD - look at esophagus and stomach
    • Insertion of feeding tubes (PEGs)
    • ERCP - look at liver and pancreatic ducts, insert stents, remove stones in the ducts
    • EUS - endoscopic ultrasound for diagnosis and biopsy of tumors
    • Celiac plexus blocks for pain control
    • All the above tests can also include removal of polyps and/or biopsy of tissue
    • Tumor stenting - inserting hollow tube to open the esophagus, bile or pancreatic duct, or colon when a tumor is narrowing the passageway.
    • Esophageal manometry - measuring esophagus muscle functioning
    • Acid reflux study with Bravo or 24 hour testing
    • Capsule endoscopy - swallowing pill sized camera that takes pictures throughout the small intestine.

    How do we clean our endoscopes?

    We follow all the cleaning guidelines recommended by:

    • Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates
    • American Society of Gastroenterologists
    • Centers for Disease Control
    • Occupational Health Safety Act
    • Association of Operation Room Nurses
    • Association of Professionals in Infection Control

    The cleaning process is watched to assure following of the guidelines and reviewed annually for all staff who clean endoscopes.

    Why don't you use disposable equipment?

    Endoscopes cost approximately $25,000 each. It is not cost effective to dispose of them.

    Most of the other equipment used for biopsies, removal of polyps, insertion of stents, and removal of duct stones IS disposable and never reused.

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