• Donating For Your Surgery

  • Has your physician as requested that you donate blood for your upcoming surgery? This process is known as Autologous Donation. Your donations may be made at Penrose-St. Francis Blood Bank, even if your surgery is at a different facility.

    The advantages, nature and purpose of Autologous donations, the risks involved, and the possibility of complications should be explained to you by your physician. These advantages and risks include but are not limited to:

    • blood drawn from you for a later transfusion is the safest blood for you to receive,
    • mild anemia and/or decrease in your blood volume may result from frequent blood donations for Autologous transfusions.

    Autologous donations require written orders from your physician detailing your autologous donations and your physician's requirements. Autologous donations are by appointment only and can be scheduled by the patient or the physician's office. Although appointments can be made anytime, donations must be made at least 1 week apart with your last donation being least 3-10 days prior to your surgery. Your physician's office or a blood bank professional will assist you with your donation scheduling.

    The Penrose-St. Francis Blood Bank is located on the second floor of the Ambulatory Care Center at Penrose Hospital, 2222 N. Nevada Avenue in Colorado Springs. Thank you for this opportunity to assist in your medical treatment. Our staff may be reached at 719.776.5822 to answer any additional questions you may have. We look forward to serving you.


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