• NODA Council

  • The NODA Council is the volunteer leadership that meets every two months to plan the Gatherings, provide direction and continuity for the NODA Program and to discuss and resolve any outstanding issues relative to the NODA ministry.

    Position Description/Definition of Duties:
    Council Members will provide the leadership over the assigned area of responsibility to ensure that the objectives of the NODA program are achieved. The areas may include: coordinating vigils, directing communications to both the hospital staff and to NODA volunteers, coordinating the orientation and training, developing and organizing the documentation, and organizing the tri-annual get-togethers of NODA volunteers. 

    Primary Responsibilities:
    The NODA Council will be assigned a specific area of responsibility as a member of the Committee. The Council will be chaired by a Council member who may also be assigned one or more of the designated areas of responsibility in addition to chairing the Council. The Council will report to and receive direction for the NODA Staff Coordinator(s). Each Council member will be assigned one or more areas of responsibility and may have one of more NODA volunteers assigned to them to assist in carrying out the responsibilities of that area(s) necessary to effectively support the NODA Program.

    Position Scope and Procedures:

    1. Attend the NODA Council meetings and present the status, achievements, and problems/concerns of their area of responsibility.
    2. Provide the leadership necessary to effectively ensure that the tasks required in their area(s) of responsibility are accomplished.
    3. All duties and procedures defined for NODA Volunteers are also applicable to the NODA Council.

    Must have intimate knowledge of the objectives, policies and procedures of the NODA Program and be able to devote the time required to effectively carry out their responsibilities. Must thoroughly understand the objectives of the assigned area(s) of responsibility and have leadership qualities to effectively carry out the responsibilities assigned. Should be able to direct one or more volunteers assigned to them and be able to work with hospital staff, all members of the committee and the immediate subordinates assigned to them. Must be able represent the NODA Program to any and all who are interested in the Program. 

    Number of Volunteers Needed:
    This will be determined as areas requiring a designated leadership position is identified.  It may be possible that one volunteer can cover more than one area based upon their abilities and availability. 

    Training Needed:
    The training required of NODA volunteers apply.  Additionally, members will be oriented to the responsibilities as a Council member and to the designated area(s) assigned to them as a member of the Council.

    1. Vigil Coordination: 

    • Pager assignments
    • Scheduling vigils
    • Maintaining the Volunteer List

    2. Communications:

    • Newsletter
    • Marketing our service
    • Documenting vigil stories
    • Maintaining statistics
    • Recruiting new NODA volunteers
    • Maintaining the NODA web site
    • Maintaining the Vigil sign-up software

    3. Training/Orientation of New Volunteers:

    • Scheduling and conducting orientation sessions
    • Coordinating tri-annual meetings of volunteers
    • Processing of new volunteer paperwork

    4. Documentation and Resources:

    • Maintaining the documentation used in the orientation classes and for vigils
    • Maintaining the NODA resource bags

    NODA Council

    Vigil Coordinator
    Theresa Gregoire
    Phone: 719-776-2682

    Council Members
    Ruth Boling
    Skip Mundy
    Linda Pung
    Gary Waldraven
    Sherry Wigington

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