• Faith and Health Connected: Toolkit

  • This toolkit is designed to give local faith and community leaders a menu of opportunities to health and wellness from a spiritual perspective. This resource is not by any means exhaustive. Use this to review the kinds of partnerships that can be formed in the areas that are most important to your local congregation or organization. The staff at Penrose - St. Francis Mission and Ministry stands ready to support your local group in forming the partnerships described in this packet and to answer any questions you have about how to move forward.   

  • Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    • Greeting and Introduction
    • Perspectives on Faith and Health
    • New Territory-New Possibilities


    • Rationale and Process: Creating the Conversation
    • Church Health Survey
    • Survey Results


    • Faith and Health Defined and Historical Roots
    • Faith Community Nursing
    • Creating a Game Plan (for Health Ministry)


    • Focused Classes
      • Bible study (individual or group)
      • Sunday School Class (Abundant Life)
      • Education Series (Listening To Your Heart)
    • From the Pulpit
      • Sermon Series
    • Communication Tools
      • Bulletins
      • Social Media 


    • Penrose - St. Francis Health Services
    • Church Health Center and International Parish Nurse Resource Center
    • Health Ministry Association
    • Denominational Resources
    • National Health Resources
    • Bibliography


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