• FertilityCare - Natural Family Planning Services

  • Fertility Care™ is a program based on the Creighton Model Fertility Care™ System, which is extensively researched and designed to help couples either achieve or avoid pregnancy. 

    Advantages of this program include: Expectant Couple at FertilityCare Natural Family Planning

    • Medically safe, no health risks or side effects
    • Highly reliable - 99 percent effective in avoiding pregnancy and 76 percent effective to achieve pregnancy under normal conditions
    • Easy to learn - when professionally facilitated by a certified practitioner
    • Inexpensive - provides a lifetime benefit for a minimal financial investment
    • Valuable aid for couples who are having difficulty achieving pregnancy
    • Highly versatile - can be used at any stage in a woman's reproductive life-women who have irregular cycles, are breastfeeding or are pre-menopausal can use the method effectively
    • Natural
    • Morally acceptable - taught in churches worldwide
    • Charges for follow-up sessions may be covered by insurance

    Introductory sessions are held once a month. Please register online for these sessions.   

    Contact us

    For more information on Fertility Care™ - Natural Family Planning, call (719) 571-3472. 

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