• History of Gastroenterology

    • 1806 - Phillip Bozzini of Frankfurt, Germany, first used a tin tube outfitted with a candle and mirror to view the bladder.
    • 1868 - Adolf Kussmaul, German physician, used a straight metal tube passed over a flexible wire, then used an alcohol/turpentine fueled lamp shone on a reflector and lens to provide light.
    • 1881 - Mikulicz-Redecki and Nitze designed a tube with an angled end to allow for examination of the whole stomach.  The movable section was accomplished by wires that controlled the different portions of the tube.
    • 1932  - Dr. Rudolph Schindler "father of Gastroenterology??? developed a semiflexible gastroscope (gastric = stomach).
    • Gabriella Schindler taught, reassured and positioned patients and assisted Dr. Rudholph Schindler with all his procedures.  He would not do a procedure if Gabriella was unable to help him.
    • American Society of Gastroenterology (ASGE) founded for physicians practicing the specialty of Gastroenterology.
    • 1957 - Basil Hirschowtiz, a Michigan gastroenterologist, developed the first fiberscope (glass fibers which carried images) and presented it at the ASGE conference hold at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.
    • 1960's - Dr. Robert Smith begins the practice of Gastroenterology in Colorado Springs after studying in Japan.
    • 1967 - First flexible sigmoidscope introduced by Hirschowitz.
    • 1972 - Endoscopic retrograde pancreatograms developed, a procedure which allows visualization of the gallbladder and treatments such as removal of stones and insertion of stents (tubes to allow drainage).
    • 1974 - Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associated established for nurses and associates ( nurse aides and LPN's) practicing the specialty of Gastroenterology.
    • 1982 - Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) developed.  Ultrasound capability attached to a regular endoscope allows for diagnosing tumor to assist in determining type of tumor and best treatment options.
    • 1983 - Laser treatment via endoscopes developed.
    • 1986 - Certification made available for nurses in the Gastroenterology specialty called CGRN or Certified Gastroenterology Registered Nurse.


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