• Engage Mobility

  • Engage Mobility: Promoting community engagement through safe transportation decisions

    The goal of the Engage Mobility initiative is to reduce fatalities and serious injuries among drivers aged 65 and older.

    Research has emphasized that medical team members can play a more active role in preventing motor vehicle crashes by assessing and counseling older adult drivers regarding their fitness to drive, recommending safe driving practices, referring older adults to driver rehabilitation specialists, advising or recommending driving restrictions, and referring older adults to State licensing authorities when appropriate (AGS & A. Pomidor, 2016).

    Occupational therapy practitioners are an important link; however, many therapists do not currently address driving with their older adults clients.

    The Engage Mobility initiative expects to build capacity of occupational therapy practitioners in Colorado to address driving and community mobility, thereby increasing the level of services offered regarding driving wellness, risk identification, and community mobility opportunities.

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