• Preparing for Your Study

  • On the day of your sleep study:

    • Shower prior to arriving, remove all make-up, hair care products and body lotions. Please remove nail polish on one finger to allow for oxygen monitoring.
    • Avoid caffeine after 12 p.m. on the day of your study.
    • Eat meals as usual.
    • Take medications as instructed by your physician.
    • Bring medication(s) taken at bedtime or during the night unless otherwise instructed.
    • Bring nightclothes, toiletries, and reading material. A laptop computer is ok to bring.
    • Bring your pillow if you think this will make your night more comfortable.
    • Avoid taking naps on the day of your study.
    • Avoid drinking lots of fluids before the study.

    On the night of your sleep study, please bring the following with you:

    • Your completed questionnaire.
    • Your insurance card and photo ID. We cannot complete your appointment without these.
    • Something comfortable to sleep in and personal items needed to spend the night. Sleepwear should be loose fitting.
    • Your sleep aid medication, if needed. (Do not take your sleep aid before you arrive at the lab.) Please continue with your regular schedule for all other medications.

    If you are prone to headaches, heartburn, chronic pain, etc., please bring your usual medications so that your night is as comfortable as possible. If you have insomnia or have difficulty sleeping, please ask your doctor for medication to help you relax and get to sleep.

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