• Pain Management

  • You may be experiencing joint or back pain for some time and find that the pain is debilitating enough to affect your quality of life.  This may be the one deciding factor to elect for surgery.  Even though surgery is intended to help alleviate the pain it is important to know that there may be pain after surgery.

    The team at the Penrose-St. Francis Total Joint and Spine Center is committed to attaining the highest level of comfort for our patients.  Together we will work to develop the right comfort plan for you. It is important for you to let your team know how you are feeling.

    How do I report my pain?

    The best way for us to know you are having pain is to tell us.  We use a number pain scale ranging from 0-10.  0 is no pain and 10 is the worst imaginable pain.  Please familiarize yourself with our pain scale. Although we would like to relieve your pain entirely our goal is to make you comfortable enough to be able to handle your activities such as eating, dressing, walking and sleeping.



    Pain medication will be available to help lower your pain however there are other ways to assist you in decreasing your pain level. Below is a list of alternatives you can do to help lower your pain.

    • Try a new position by turning on your side, lying down or getting up with assistance.
    • Use ice packs if okay with your physician.
    • Focus on deep breathing and relaxation.
    • Listen to relaxing music - you can bring in your own music or ask your nurse for the relaxation channel on your television.
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